lunedì 17 gennaio 2011


Franticdreams had a good idea.
Here you can read everything and take a look on her set:
* You must wear at least 1 item from the previous outfit. More then 1 item is aloud.
* Your last outfit should involve something from your first outfit to link the looks full circle.
* Any item of clothing &/or accessories counts as an item. ex. necklaces, shoes, bags etc..
* Try to mix pieces that you've NEVER thought of wearing together. HAVE FUN WITH IT, that's what challenges are about right!

My set :)

Tutto ciò che scrivo sul mio blog è frutto della mia passione per la moda, il make up e la nail art. Tutti i prodotti sono comprati da me, non c'è nessun rendiconto economico in ciò che pubblico.

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